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Many factors dictate how much value a cryptocurrency will eventually achieve. These range from the underlying technology and investment prospects, to community or team backing. For me, what matters most is the surrounding hype. After all, if there isn’t enough hype around an obscure coin, then it doesn’t stand a chance against those touted by day traders on Twitter.

Cryptocurrencies are susceptible to changes in sentiment that can cause price volatility, which means I need to evaluate them carefully when investing my money in them. A lot of coins have projects with good teams and communities, but might not be hyped enough yet, this drives down their valuation, even though they’ll probably yield greater returns over time once they become popular again.I have covered a detailed beginner-friendly article on what is cryptocurrency, don’t forget to check it out.

Best Penny Crypto To Invest

The best cryptocurrencies are based on a solid foundation of open source software, decentralized structure and adherence to market forces.But these are just some of the factors that contribute to making one cryptocurrency better than another. Cryptocurrency is not only subject to personal opinion, but also age-old debates over features such as anonymity and transparency versus law enforcement.Each side has valid points, we could try discussing them for hours! We’re still in its infancy, but crypto already comprises an enormous amount of cash; enough for everyone else to want it too! Most Crypto experts consider watching 7 key facts that make a crypto a good crypto.

  1. Security
  2. Decentralization
  3. Scalability
  4. Solve Problems
  5. Usability
  6. Demand
  7. Limited Supply

 My friend mike recently explained all this key facts in a very detailed article, consider checking it out.

Best Crypto Coins Under 1 Cent

Despite the meteoric rise of the cryptocurrency market in the last few months, many promising crypto projects and altcoins are still available at an attractive valuation and offer huge growth potential in the next 12-18 months. The following are some coins available at a price less than 1 cent that offers the same prospect.

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Stellar Lumens (XLM)

The Stellar Network – powered by its native asset, the Lumen token XLM – has emerged as a formidable force aimed at uniting all of earth’s financial infrastructure for instant, seamless transfers. Built on an open source protocol developed by an independent nonprofit organization called Stellar Development Foundation, Stellar allows people and institutions across various regions to transact quickly and securely while avoiding high banking fees or exchange rates. Its mission is simple: connect every person around the world with low-cost currency conversion so they can continue conducting trade without disruption.
The Rewritten Passage that is more interesting must have the same meaning as the original passage.

XLM is currently priced at a little over $0.22, and in the recent rally, it hit a high of $0.6596, providing over 6 times return in less than a year’s time frame.

Ravencoin (RVN)

Ravencoin is a P2P network built specifically for the transfer of assets. Ravencoin will eliminate much of the human error in cryptocurrency transactions, making it an efficient way to trade money and goods. There are currently zero Masternodes or pre-mines; there was no ICO either. This new token was given its name because it sounded similar to the word ‘Raven,’ which means Messenger; we believe that this coin will bring people together, just like a raven messenger would during times when there were no other options available.

RVN is currently priced at $0.05 and is attracting the huge interest of Ethereum miners and investors.

BitTorrent (BTT)

BitTorrent Tokens are used to speed up the process of transferring files through torrent files. They can be traded like traditional stocks or Cryptocurrencies for private information and exchanges, transferred directly from user to user, or even spent within Dapps on the Blockchain system it was created for.
This new form of digital trading could pave the way for cheaper products without copyright infringement limits imposed by certain sellers over others due to monopoly control – so consumers are in charge of how much they pay instead of distributors!

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BTT is currently priced at $0.002 and has made a peak of $0.01 in the recent rally.

VeChain (VET)

VeChain is the L1 smart contract platform for making agreements, business transactions and even storing personal data.
VeChain’s beginnings are humble – with only a small group of entrepreneurs seeing the potential behind blockchain technology. From there it quickly grew – becoming one of the most well-known platforms out there.

But what makes VeChain so special? It allows users to securely store sensitive data while protecting their privacy rights at all times through its decentralized nature. As time goes on this technology has proven itself invaluable in fields ranging from healthcare to transportation; giving hope that one day these tools can play a key role in helping us reach our fullest potentials as human beings.

VET is currently priced at $0.0765 and has made an all-time high of $0.2546 earlier in 2021.

Zilliqa (ZIL)

Zilliqa is an open and public blockchain. It offers an ecosystem where anyone can come to do whatever they need. But what makes Zilliqa different? This new innovation attempts to solve the issues of scalability and speed – but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.
The company behind this invention has been in development since June 2017. And just a little over a year ago, in June 2019, they finally released their product!
But before we go into the technicalities about how this works, let’s talk about some other things you might want to know about! The ERC20 token behind this project is called ZIL. You could think of it as payment for doing anything you need on Zilliqa – like running smart contracts or processing transactions.

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ZIL is currently priced at $0.073 and is witnessing greater investor interest and increased trading volume.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The Basic Attention Token seeks to mend inherent inefficiencies within an industry rife with privacy violations. Yet despite these deeply troubling problems- which affect us all- the BAT has shown significant stability as its price remains largely unchanged from year to year. Brave Browser users are increasingly flocking toward adopting it as a form of currency for their transactions, too, which gives more value to the coin and raises awareness about other uses outside of being simply for purchase at participating stores or services.

Built on Ethereum blockchain, BAT is one of the top performing altcoins in the market and is currently priced a little higher at $0.55. Its all-time high level is $1.52.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Penny crypto a good investment?

Just like an individual can buy stocks for low prices, the same goes for cryptocurrencies. However, because these trades are high risk due to their small market capitalization – it takes significant research before one decides which coins will yield the highest profit margins. It is important that when picking out cryptocurrency investments – it should be something affordable and maintainable, as well as generating a return on investment every so often.


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