Top 10 Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada

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Duolingo is a mobile application that was launched in 2012 to help people learn languages. The app works by adapting itself based on the goal of each user and what they need to actually accomplish. Back in 2014, Duolingo started testing their own version of an English-proficiency exam and now holds it regularly. This blog helps users understand where they can take Duolingo’s test and for what purpose so as to come out with better academic credentials than those achieved by just taking other tests such as IELTS/TOEFL.

Exam Duolingo Exam
Conducted By Duolingo
Conducted For English Proficiency for higher studies
Duration 45 minutes
Cost $49
Result Within 24-48 hours

About Duolingo Exam

Just as other proficiency exams, Duolingo is conducted in four rounds which consist of reading, writing, listening and speaking. It’s typically accepted at some universities as proof of English competence for admissions and test takers typically earn a score out of 100.

While not all universities accept spontaneous test scores such as the one we offer here at Duolingo, we’re proud to say that many universities have taken up our alternative English assessment exam so if you don’t have time to study before your big deadline, come us! IELTS can be quite costly by comparison to our options here at Duolingo.

The test costs $49 and it normally takes about 45-60 minutes. You have to have some proof of who you are so that the company can ensure you are not a robot. Put on the headset (the camera, microphone, speakers, and reliable internet), put your headphones in (turn on the tracks), and then take your picture (even you do it remotely which makes it feel like you’re actually in an office environment)!

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Benefits of Duolingo English Test

Duolingo has been carefully designed to cover the entire category from basic up to advanced tests which you can take.

  • Accessibility– Duolingo has become one of the most popular resources for learning to speak English fluently. It is quite possibly the best way to perfect your English grammar. IELTS or The International English Language Testing System is a test that measures your ability to read, listen, write and speak English. While this may not specifically prove that you can speak fluent English online, it does give you confidence that you’re well equipped to ace the test in the real world!
  • Affordability– Many online English proficiency exams are expensive, but not ours! Duolingo only costs $49 and we think that’s pretty darn cheap for you! As a busy student who is trying to learn English right now, we understand that every dollar counts. That’s why we like to keep our prices well within your budget and even give you a discount sometimes too because not everyone has the same amount of dollars in their bank accounts.
  • Faster Results– This test provides the results in a matter of hours as compared to other proficiency tests such as IELTS/TOEFL, which can take anywhere from 4-5 days before announcing any results. This is considerably faster for applicants applying to institutions that have a strict time frame.
  • Time Duration– As opposed to IELTS, which lasts 2 hours and 45 minutes, this test takes 45-60 minutes. As a result, the time commitment is much smaller compared to other traditional tests.
  • Flexibility–Flexibility is another factor that makes this English test different from others. A Duolingo test can be taken anywhere, anytime and you just need a reliable internet connection.
  • Mock Tests– It also allows students to attempt multiple mock tests before taking the actual test, giving them a comprehensive understanding of what to expect on the actual test. 
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Duolingo Exam Pattern

The Duolingo English test is adaptive, meaning that it will become more difficult the better you do on previous questions. As you complete each section of the test, you’ll be given a score for each skill measured, along with feedback to help you identify which areas you may need to improve. Below are some examples of where your skills are being tested in this practice exam.

  • Complete a section of a text that is missing letters
  • Recognizing real English words from fake ones
  • Typing the statement the candidates hear
  • Describing a picture

Duolingo Accepted Universities in Canada

Duolingo English is accepted by the following schools in Canada:

Due to the nature of the test (i.e., because it’s an online exam), foreign language instructors were concerned about potential cheating. They worked hard to ensure their exam questions were not easily Google-able by creating new techniques for creating the exams out of existing materials making them much harder to cheat on! Additionally, they developed eye-tracking or screen recording programs that watch for telltale signs that someone is using an unoriginal sample answer. This ensures their exam will stay as authentic as possible throughout it’s lifespan!

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