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Crypto’s boost is the most welcome, while Caustic’s nerf is also excellent, as it should make the trapper feel more like a genuine trapper rather than a helpful legend for building shelters (which is the job of Wattson and Rampart).

Similarly, Is Crypto good in Apex?

Crypto’s boost is the most welcome, while Caustic’s nerf is also excellent, as it should make the trapper feel more like a genuine trapper rather than a helpful legend for building shelters (which is the job of Wattson and Rampart).

Also, it is asked, How do you use the Crypto drone?

Crypto’s drone allows you to access many items remotely. You may open and lock doors, open supply bins, collect the flags of your fallen squadmates, and even utilize Respawn Beacons and Survey Beacons. To launch the drone, hold down the Tactical button and then instantly leave it.

Secondly, How do I get heirloom shards?

Purchase Heirloom Shards Apex Packs, which may be obtained by ranking up or buying them, include them. The Battle Pass is another way to get shards. You may create an Heirloom of your choice if you’re one of the fortunate ones who receives your Heirloom Shards.

Also, What is Mirage’s real name?

Witt, Elliott Rodger

People also ask, Is seer a good apex?

Seer is most vulnerable to characters that can rush him swiftly and aggressively. Seer is particularly vulnerable to characters that can outrun his skills rapidly. It’s an excellent idea to use high-mobility heroes like Wraith and Valkyrie, who can phase or fly out of his Exhibit, to force some counterplay.

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Related Questions and Answers

How many Apex packs does Level 500 have?

Apex Packs 199

Do you have to open 500 Apex packs to get an heirloom?

To successfully acquire an heirloom, you’ll need 500 Apex Packs (less whatever many packs you’ve already opened) to start the pity timer. To ensure an heirloom, you’ll need to spend $460 on Apex Coins in the worst-case scenario (that is if you purchase packs right after opening an heirloom)

How old is Loba?

Who is the tallest apex legend?

Every Character’s Age, Height, And Home World in Apex Legends1 Wraith Age: 32. Height: 5’4 “2 Wattson. Age: 22. Height: 5’4″ Valkyrie 3 Age: 30. Unknown height. 4 Seer. Age: 26. Unknown height. Revenant 5 Unknown age. Height: 6’8 “6 Rampart. Age: 21. Unknown height. Pathfinder, number seven. Unknown age. Height: 6’2 “8 Octane. Age: 24.

How do you use SEER effectively?

Tactical advice from the Seer: If you shoot off a lot of Focus Of Attention, it’s easy to squander it. To get the finest benefits, use it with your Passive. The tunnel is created and the effect is delivered after a 1.6 second delay, giving adversaries enough time to dive out of the path of the tunnel.

Which is better seer or Valkyrie?

Seer, unlike Valkyrie and Bloodhound, is more suited for the latter than the former—he can’t acquire a lay of the terrain like Bloodhound or take his comrades to safety like Valkyrie, but his scanning talents make him a potent legend anyway.

Is seer too op?

Yes, Seer is overpowered. What’s the lengthy answer? Seer’s whole kit is overpowered, and unlike other Apex Legends legends, he has no meaningful counters to his powers. The Passive ability of the Seer acts as an all-seeing eye.

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Is Bloodhound a girl in Apex?

Bloodhound’s legend unwittingly reveals that they are not, in reality, a female. Bloodhound follows traditional gender stereotypes and is addressed as “they.” We don’t know much else, but we can say with certainty that Apex Legends Bloodhound is not a female. They adhere to them.

Is Bloodhound a girl?

Bloodhound is an LGBTQ character that does not have a gender, according to Apex Legends’ developers. It is non-binary, meaning it has neither masculine nor female characteristics. On Twitter, the developers verified this information.

Is octane male or female apex?


Are you guaranteed an heirloom?

After opening 500 packs, Apex players are promised at least one heirloom.

Can you get a heirloom for free?

Is it possible to get heirloom from free apex packs? Yes, heirloom shards are available in all Apex Packs. It makes no difference whether you received the pack as a gift or bought it from the Apex shop.

How many heirloom shards do you get in a pack?

Heirloom Shards: 150

How many Apex packs are there?

Quests provide you a total of 45 Daily Treasure Packs, as you may or may not realize. You may specify how many you obtained during The Broken Ghost, The First Ship, Armageddon, and The Legacy Antigen. Finally, the final two items, Purchased Packs & Bugs + Misc Packs, may be a little challenging for some.

How do I know how many Apex packs I have bought?

Review your account’s purchase history by going to your gaming shop profile on your platform and looking for a listing of transactions to see how many Apex packs you’ve bought. Fill in your season level and if you bought the battle pass for each season.

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How old is Apex Wraith?

What race is mirage?

Mirage is a mixed-race character.

Who is the least played character in Apex?


Who is the next apex character?

Conduit, Scryer, Newcastle, Uplink, Vantage, Catalyst, Phantom, Jester, and Caliber are the names of the next nine Apex Legends characters, according to this screenshot.

How did wattson get her scar on her face?

Wattson’s Facial Scar Is The Result Of An Electrical Injury, According To Apex Legends. Her tactical ability effectively blocks off some regions of the map by placing electrical traps that stun her opponents, while her ultimate ability is an electrical pylon that restores shields and interferes with opposing ordnance.


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