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If you are looking for a place to pursue your studies, look no further than Sweden. Sweden is the third largest country in the European Union. It has welcomed many international students with open arms. There are more than ten universities that offer higher education programs in English.

If there is one thing Swedes are known for, it is their kindness towards visitors and their availability of grant given by Government of Sweden for international students who wish to study in Sweden.  So if you are thinking about studying abroad, explore opportunities this beautiful Scandinavian nation has to offer.

Essentially a scholarship is a way to make your dreams come true. Sweden has been renown for its scholarship opportunities for students from all around the world and they also provide an education system which is recognized by many universities across the country. In fact, there are more international schools in Stockholm than anywhere else in Europe making it a great place to study!

Are you looking for a scholarship that will allow you to study in Sweden? Do you want to find one of the most prestigious and competitive universities in Europe? We can assist you. The University of Gothenburg is known as an international hub, they offer courses taught both in English and Swedish and it’s definitely worth giving a shot. You can read about Sweden Scholarships and how to apply for the same, we also added some upcoming scholarships which are all beneficial for students abroad. All information is mentioned below.

List of Scholarships in Sweden Without IELTS

  • Scholarship Country: Sweden
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Financial Coverage: Funded
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Study in Sweden Without IELTS

If you want to study in Sweden, we’ve got good news for you: you won’t need to take the IELTS as long as your previous degree was completed in English. The universities and other higher education facilities that accept foreign students will appreciate that you already have a qualification from an English speaking country.

  1. Lund University
  2. Uppsala University

These two universities accept students without IELTS, but there are a few other Swedish universities where you can study with languages such as German and French.

Alternative for IELTS to study in Sweden?

The English language proficiency is one of the most widely recognized languages. Many universities in Canada will recognize your degree in another language if you’re able to provide them with the evidence that you meet or demonstrate that you meet their requirements for English language proficiency requirements.

Students from India and Pakistan

Students with degrees equal to a Bachelors or Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Applications, Computer Science, Natural Sciences or Technology, Medicine, Pharmacy documented that the language of instruction was English and documentation proving how their degree can be used in Sweden without having to take an IELTS exam.

Scholarships in Sweden Without IELTS

1. Sweden Universities Scholarships Spring 2022

The best business schools here in Sweden welcome students who are interested to undertake Bachelors or Master’s Degree programs. We encourage anyone interested in pursuing this to reach out, so we can help you further your education and have a clear picture of what it takes.

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2# Uppsala University Scholarships in Sweden

By studying at university, you will expand and develop your fields of interest and grow as a person. Learning about timeless subjects like literature, biology, or economics can make you a more flexible and willing employee. For those who want to study abroad, we offer the opportunity to choose from 70 bachelors and master’s programs.

3# Sweden Government Scholarship

Are you an ambitious person? If so, you aren’t alone! The Swedish Institute Scholarship awarded by the Sweden government is funded by the government of Sweden to award up to 300 scholarships per year for higher education in Swedish-speaking areas.

4# Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2022

Study abroad has been a dream of many students around the world, and this year there are great programs for those who enroll in the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for International Students. Find out what you need to know about Europe’s most prestigious scholarship program, including a list of destinations and fields available for study!

5. The Visby Programme Scholarships

You can get a lot out of the Visby Program by gaining access to full scholarships for master’s studies in Sweden, such as obtaining a greater understanding of certain topics and having the opportunity to expand on your professional skill sets. These opportunities are available to students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine via this exchange program.

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6. Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarship

Karolinska Institutet offers a handful of tuition fee scholarships to excellent students who have been admitted to one of our Master’s program. Programs starting each Autumn semester. The scholarship only covers the tuition cost, not living expenses, and is only for studies at the master’s level.

More Scholarships in Sweden

We offer loads of different scholarship opportunities to help make your dreams come true. There are numerous scholarship options available, and you could be eligible for any one of them. Just go through the 38 Scholarship options we’ve got available to decide if one fits perfectly with what you’d like to achieve.

  1. Other Scholarships
  2. University Scholarships
  3. Swedish Institute Scholarships


So, In this article, we provided information about Scholarships in Sweden Without IELTS. Hope they will help you.

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