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In the realm of NFT, alpha refers to information that you can get or act on ahead of the majority of others in the market. This knowledge provides you with a “edge” that allows you to benefit from it.

Similarly, What is an alpha discord?

Obtain the Invitation. Memory Alpha Discord is a Discord channel for Memory Alpha editors and readers. It’s a place to speak about a variety of topics, including Memory Alpha itself, as well as shows, movies, games, books, comics, and other media.

Also, it is asked, What does GM mean in NFT?

gm stands for “good morning,” but it means more in the crypto and NFT worlds since it conveys the concept that “we are early” and our future is bright.

Secondly, What does OG mean in NFT?

a true mobster

Also, What is Alpha in Crypto?

Alpha Finance Lab is a DeFi ecosystem that allows users to connect to platforms like Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain via a cross-chain framework (BSC).

People also ask, How do you become a beta in Discord?

Install TestFlight on the device you’ll be testing on to get started. Then, to install the beta app, accept your email invitation or follow the public link invitation. The beta software may be installed on up to 30 devices.

Related Questions and Answers

What is alpha and beta?

Alpha and beta are two elements of an equation that are used to describe stock and investment fund performance. Beta is a measure of volatility in comparison to a benchmark index like the S&P 500. After correcting for market-related volatility and random variations, alpha is the extra return on an investment.

What is a beta sub?

Glycoprotein hormones are made up of two polypeptide subunits called and chains. Early detection of disorders like pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy is made possible by analyzing the units of these hormones (e.g., follicle-stimulating, luteinizing, chorionic gonadotropin, and thyrotropin).

What is the alpha in trading?

The capacity of an investment strategy to outperform the market, or its “edge,” is referred to as alpha (). As a result, alpha is sometimes referred to as “excess return” or “abnormal rate of return,” which relates to the assumption that markets are efficient, and hence there is no possibility to consistently achieve returns that are higher than.

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What does WL mean in NFT?


What does LFG mean in NFT?

What is OG mean in crypto?

OGs — Any cryptocurrency trader or investor who has survived the Bitcoin bear market in 2013–14. These people have transcended humanity and are divine, mysterious entities with a variety of goals.

What does RAID mean in NFT?

Raids are short-term campaigns run on Twitter or other social media sites. Raids are a popular approach for certain NFT projects to keep the community involved and promote their NFTs.

What is Degen in NFT?

Degens are NFT traders who trade at all hours of the day and night, much like the Ethereum network. This loose collection of self-proclaimed degenerates has one thing in common: a restless desire that necessitates a constant on-chain presence.

What does mint mean in NFT?

In the case of NFTs, minting is the process of taking a digital asset and transforming it into a blockchain-based digital asset. Making it a legal commodity that can be purchased and traded.

What is a good alpha?

A fund or company with a positive alpha of 1.0 has beaten its benchmark index by 1%. A negative alpha of 1.0, on the other hand, would represent a 1% underperformance. The security will be less volatile than the market if the beta is less than one.

How is alpha calculated?

R – Rf – beta = Alpha (Rm-Rf) The portfolio return is denoted by the letter R. The risk-free rate of return is denoted by Rf. A portfolio’s systematic risk is represented by beta. Rm is the market return as measured by a benchmark.

What does negative alpha mean?

If the alpha is positive, it means the security is outperforming the market. A negative alpha, on the other hand, shows that the security is not generating returns at the same pace as the larger sector. As a result, a stock with a negative alpha is underperforming, according to this definition.

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Is BetterDiscord allowed?

BetterDiscord is a popular plugin, however it violates Discord’s terms of service and has even been used to create security concerns.

What is Discord PTB and canary?

Beta is also known as public test build (PTB) on the desktop, Testflight on iOS, and Beta on Android. This version generally contains more issues than Stable, but they shouldn’t stop you from using it normally. Alpha – On the desktop, it’s known as Canary, and on Android, it’s known as Alpha.

What is TestFlight on TikTok?

Join the TikTok beta on Apple’s TestFlight. Using the TestFlight app, developers may test beta versions of their applications and App Clips. TestFlight is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV via the App Store.

Is alpha better than beta?

The Most Important Takeaways Both alpha and beta are historical performance measurements. A high alpha value is usually a plus. A high beta may be welcomed by growth stock investors, but it is avoided by investors seeking stable returns and minimal risk.

What is an alpha group?

Alpha groups are made up of high school students that gather in their houses. Alpha is a ten-week long series of courses that explore the Christian religion. Each presentation focuses on a different aspect of religion and is intended to spark discussion.

What is a Gamma man?

male gamma (plural gamma males) A third-ranking male animal in the social hierarchy, ranking below alpha and beta but above delta quotations. An average man in the socio-sexual hierarchy, ranking below alphas and betas and being rather unambitious.

What does alpha measure?

Alpha is a risk-adjusted indicator of an investment’s performance. It compares a securities or fund portfolio’s risk-adjusted performance to a benchmark index based on its volatility (price risk). The alpha of an investment is its excess return above the benchmark index’s return.

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Is a positive alpha overpriced?

When the security is in equilibrium, the alpha is zero (fairly priced for the level of risk). 4. A investment with a positive alpha is deemed overvalued according to the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).

How do you calculate alpha and beta?

Mutual fund alpha and beta calculations Risk-free rate + Beta X (Benchmark return – risk-free rate) = Fund return (Benchmark returnRisk free rate) Beta = (Fund return – Risk free rate) Risk-free rate + Beta X (Benchmark return – risk-free rate) + Alpha = Fund return.

What is discord NFT?

What is the NFT Discord Community all about? NFT communities are often found on social media sites such as Discord. These are individuals who are actively collecting, buying, selling, and conversing about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

What is whitelist token?

In the Address Book, whitelisting is an opt-in security feature. It restricts bitcoin withdrawals to addresses you’ve previously defined in your Address Book (external or Coinbase). Toggle the switch to allow (or disable) Whitelisting.

Does minting an NFT cost money?

Most markets now provide free minting in return for a portion of the NFT’s list price after it sells, or charge the minting expenses to the buyer at the time of sale. You may, however, mint an NFT before selling it, which normally costs $50-$150.

What is whitelist NFT?

In the NFT world, a whitelist is a group of persons who are given early and assured access to mint at a specified day and time.


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