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We continue to discover which countries make it easiest to go to school, and Hungary is definitely among the top destinations. With 10,000 government sponsored scholarships and university scholarships, there’s no reason why you can’t leave your worries behind and study in Hungary without IELTS.

We’ve mentioned that Hungary has become a popular choice among students looking for an easy way into their education abroad; this is proved with a large number of international students who have chosen to head to Hungary for a public university scholarship or a government scholarship!

While many countries are striving for higher education reform while simultaneously toughening requirements, Hungary is one of the best places in Europe , where going to school has never been so easy.

You can study abroad without IELTS. Universities in Hungary offer high-quality education at affordable tuition fees. Most of their scholarships are going to open, so prepare yourself. University life is a great way to socialize and meet new people from both local and other international students, as well as experience another culture.

Living alone can give you great confidence, as having to be self-sufficient brings many challenges, but there are also many benefits from doing things for yourself! What an opportunity it is if your dream was to live in a foreign country but didn’t have the courage?! Well, now is your chance because Hungary is a popular, modern and safe country with great quality of life!

Hungary offers a rich cultural history and a network of institutions that help to promote excellence, equality, and social mobility for its citizens. Aside from the country’s rich history and institutions, there are also opportunities for those who wish to study abroad!

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Many universities in Hungary offer courses taught in English or accept international students onto degree programs based on their high school curriculum – meaning it would be best to learn as much as you can before getting to your chosen university, as this will increase your degree completion rate. It may also be helpful to know that living costs for foreign nationals studying in Hungary tend to be cheaper than living costs in European capital cities such as Copenhagen and Berlin!

Details About Scholarships in Hungary Without IELTS

  • Scholarship Country: Hungary
  • Degree Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD

You will be automatically considered for the Spring 2022 Study Abroad scholarships in Hungary. Note this opportunity, as it’s within your ability to make yourself eligible!

1# Hungarian Government Scholarship Program

This scholarship is called the Stipendium Hungaricum and it’s open to students of all nationalities. Students can apply for a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degree program with an emphasis on developing their program-relevant research, language skills, and intercultural competence project.

There is no IELTS (International English Language Testing System) certificate required as part of your application since this scholarship focuses more on your academic performance as demonstrated through past academic work and achievements as well as the goals you plan to achieve during your enrollment in university.

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2# CEEPUS Scholarship in Hungary

A new merit-based scholarship program has just been launched in Hungary. It will be offered through the Central European University, and the CEEPUS Scholarship will serve to help students pay for their studies! This scholarship can be used for any degree program, from Bachelor’s to doctoral degrees, so don’t hesitate to apply if you or your loved ones are interested in attending graduate school in Hungary in the near future!

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3# Eramus+ Program

What are you waiting for? Get your Scholarship Application Form! Scholarship is available for All students. Just fill out the form, don’t delay now! Don’t miss this opportunity to get a One-year Master degree scholarship. The selected candidates would be given a Full scholarship.

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4# Central European University Scholarships in Hungary

CEU is the top-ranked university in Hungry. If you’re looking to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate from CEU, you’re going to need a scholarship! That’s where we come in. Register for a free demo above and fill out your application today to learn more about what programs we have available – and how we can help you succeed!

5# University of Debrecen Scholarship in Hungary

Scholarships offered by the University of Debrecen, one of Hungary’s most prestigious universities. Whether full or partial scholarships, The Department of International and Public Relations is offering hundreds of opportunities for students to pursue post-secondary studies at the Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels through academic programs in a variety of fields.

6# University of Pecs Scholarships 2021 in Hungary

University of Pecs Scholarships 2021 in Hungary. The University of Pecs is accepting applications for their Bachelors, Masters, and PhD programs. Scholarship Application Deadline September 4th!

The University of Pécs is the only institute of higher education in Hungary recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). It offers students the opportunity to study at 31 back-to-back bachelor’s, 29 end end-to-end master programs (with two start dates to choose from) and 15 doctorate studies (three groups with both Bachelor’s and Masters, end end-to end Master’s programs focusing on preparing future professors). The main focus areas are business and economics, natural sciences, medical health sciences, human social sciences, arts and engineering.

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List of Universities in Hungary Without IELTS

When it comes to attending university abroad, it can be very stressful if your English language skills are not up to the mark. Depending on how good you are with the English language, finding a university can be difficult. But if you are fluent in another language besides English or more importantly, you don’t need to submit any IELTS test for admission into universities here, then this is your best opportunity.

  1. University of Debrecen
  2. Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  3. University of Pécs
  4. University of West Hungary
  5. Óbuda University
  6. Semmelweis University
  7. Pázmány Péter Catholic University
  8. University of Miskolc
  9. Szent István University
  10. University of Szeged
  11. Central European University

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